Red Hat

Red Hat Honor Roll

Tom and Santana Denny




Public recognition is a great way to thank our many volunteers.  Region I has taken that to another level by instituting a “Red Hat” Program.  This program provides a unique and continuing recognition for those who have contributed to the Rider Education program either in a general way or in a specific area.  Unlike a plaque or other recognition, a Red Hat is worn with pride in perpetuity by the Honoree. He and/or she will always be recognized as someone who sets a higher standard than is required.   It is not bestowed lightly and is a high honor!


Here’s how it works:

Blue Hat

A blue hat is given to all District and Region Educators when they are appointed.  This gives the members easy recognition and the Educators can be spotted in a crowd.  While we aren’t requiring it, giving blue hats to Chapter Educators is also appropriate


Red Hat

The Red Hat recognition is given out on an annual basis.  The Region Educator will receive any nominations for the Red Hat.  Here is the criteria used to determine a nomination:


  • Those individuals who through their efforts on behalf of safe practices has shown a special interest in their fellow riders.
  • The Honoree has spent at least three years involved in Rider Education, either as an Educator, Instructor or in support of the program where he/she has assisted in the development of skills and abilities that promote safe riding practices in the riding community.
  • The honoree may have performed an exceptional act on behalf of Rider Education; promoting safe riding, or perhaps save a life as the results of his/her efforts.
  • The honoree is nominated by a member or members of GWRRA for this recognition. A letter or email sent to Region Educator outlining the reasons why the nominee should be recognized.
  • A nomination is not automatically recognized. The contribution must be above and beyond the normal requirements of a position.  The contribution must also be obvious and profound.   The final decision on the nominee is the responsibility of the Region Educator.
  • There is no requirement to award a Red Hat in any year. More than one Red Hat can be awarded in any year.
  • If a couple is presented this award it is considered one hat and assigned one number.
  • Each individual of a couple may also be nominated for the Red Hat if it is warranted.

We sincerely thank GWRRA,  Region F, for having a great idea that is a lasting and obvious tribute to members who have contributed beyond the “call of duty” in Rider Education.