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  1. My husband, Jerry and I are interested in attending the Rally. Where can we find a schedule of the events and classes to review?

    Thank you,
    Kathy Tarter

    1. Don and Sharon Weber

      Good Morning Kathy
      All classes needed to be done with the pre-registration only. This was done so the Rider Education instructors had time to set up their ARC and TRC classes. We looked at the pre-registration on what classes we were putting on and there has not been any interest in ARC or TRC. So at this time the ARC and TRC has been canceled. CPR/First Aid has only 2 people signed up. We have notified the instructor to see if this enough to hold a class. Most of these classes have been held at the Chapter Level. This Rally will be a “Vacation” one then. Hope you will join us for a fun time at Tillamook.
      The Schedule will be posted on the web page within a couple of days as soon as we get the ok from the instructors.
      Happy Trails to You

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