Classified Ads Instructions

Terms of Service

Because this is an open website, we will only accept Ads from current members of GWRRA, verifiable through the 2017 GWRRA Gold Book.

1) All ad listings will expire after 90 days. You will receive an email 7 days prior to you ad being deleted. At that time you can choose to re-list your item for another 90 days or have it removed.

2) If your item sells before the listing expires you will need to remove the ad.

3) Your ad will be monitored by the administrators of this site. Ads from non or expired members of GWRRA will be removed. This is a free service for active GWRRA members only.  Region I and it’s administrators reserve the right to pull any ad at any time if deemed inappropriate in any manner in accordance with GWRRA rules and recommendations.

4) Protect yourself: GWRRA or Region I share no responsibility in any of the transactions that take place as a result of this site. Make your deals and information you provide as safe as you can. Remember, this is a public site.  (This is the reason the service is for active members only, GWRRA members are Family)

5) Keep it clean, keep it honest, and have a good time.

Classified Ads Instructions:

On the main page of the classified ads you will see a series of buttons. They are Place Ad, Edit Ad, Browse Ads, and Search Ads. Below that is a table with several other buttons. These are the general categories which all of the ads a classified under.  They are pretty self explanatory so let’s get started.

1) To place an ad, select the “Place Ad” button. That will open up a new window where you select the category that that you want to place your ad under. Choose a category from the dropdown list that best describes your item, then select continue at the bottom of the window.


2) The next window is going to ask about you and your item. Fill out the information the best you can, making sure not to skip anything. Questions marked with an * are required to proceed to the next page. The big box labeled “Ad Details” is where you can describe your item. You are allowed 750 characters to describe your item so be as specific as you can with your description. The last box is there to make sure you are human and not some spam robot so do the math and type your answer in that box.

NOTE: After you have filled out all of your information and you select “Continue” you may be prompted to put the price in the appropriate box when in fact you have already done so. In this case simply delete the price and re-enter it in the box again and select Continue.  


3) The next window is where you get to upload your photos. There is a limit to the size of the photos, 1MB each and you can have up to 10 photos. The minimum size aspect of each photo needs to be 640 pixels tall and 460 pixels wide so you will need to resize them accordingly. Select the photos from your computer to upload them or just drag and drop them into the outlined box. They will show up below the box when they are uploaded. If they are not within the limits of the program a yellow bar will appear telling you what to do to fix the problem. Resize the photo and then try again. The first photo added, the one to the far left, will be the one that is displayed on your ad thumbnail. If you decide you want a different photo to be displayed select the gray star at the bottom of the photo you want to use. If you decide to remove a photo from the list, you can select the Red X below that photo to delete it. Once you are satisfied with your photos select the “Preview Ad” button at the bottom of the window.


4) The next window is your ad, make sure everything is correct. In the yellow bar at the top of the page you will see 3 buttons, Edit Details, Manage images, and Finish. Use those buttons to go back and fix anything that is not correct at this time. Once you are satisfied with your ad, it is time to post it. Select the Finish button in the yellow bar.


5) The next page shows your ad after it has been submitted. The yellow bar at the top will tell you if you were successful. You will receive an email letting you know that your ad was posted successfully and that is it.  Good luck!


Editing previously posted ads

Your ad has a 90-day post time limit. When that time had passed you will receive an email telling you that your ad is about to expire in 7 days. At that time, you will have the option to renew the ad or remove it from the site. To do that follow these instructions.


From the main Classified Ads page select the “Edit Ad” button. You will need to have an Access Key sent to you via email. Select the “Click here to have your Ad access key sent to you

Check your email to get your key. Once you have it, enter your email address in the top box and enter your access key code in the bottom box then select continue. From there you can make any adjustments to your ad or delete it if that is what you want to do. From there follow the same instructions to post you ad again.


Any questions that you have can be answered by contacting the Webmaster